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Jordan Byrd is one of a few artists in the United States who regularly practices, sells, and teaches the method of egg decorating called Pysanky. Pysanky, also known as Ukrainian Easter Eggs or Batik style eggs, originated in Ukraine and Poland close to 5,000 years ago. Jordan not only helps keep "Pysanky" alive with her traditional eggs, but opens up the art to a whole new audience through her non-traditional eggs and jewelry. Collectors are often left in awe of her ability to continually design varying traditional eggs but also unique one of a kind eggs and jewelry.

What started as a basic 2 hour 4H class on Pysanky has led Jordan to not only find her passion and talent since the young age of 12, but has also led to a fulfilling and rewarding career. Jordan has developed her ability to create one of a kind Pysanky over the years; however she isn’t the type of artist who keeps her gifts to herself. She loves to share her passion for this art form by teaching classes regularly, selling her finished egg designs as gifts, and supporting the new community of artists by sharing all she has organically learned through the years. Jordan delights in giving this ancient art form the honor and recognition it deserves.

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Scrambled egg eater

Lyra is Jordan's right-hand little lady. She is eggs-traordinary in her official roles of marketing director, scrambled egg eater, and "hand-me-thater". She can often be found sitting across from mom working in the studio and coming up with her own egg designs.

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